The End of a Crisis, the Beginning of a New World

Crisis is a ‘state of mind’. Crisis is the result of our perception.

Whatever we allow in our consciousness individually programs our subconscious mind and manifests itself eventually. Whatever you believe, becomes reality for yourself and a complex of belief systems, where the crisis consists of, also comes into existence this way.
What is stored in the collective subconscious mind of humanity may seem invisible, it is which manifests visible in our world -and vice versa whatever shows in the world is a reflection of our subconscious mind and our state of mind as a collective. This according to the laws of manifestation, cause and effect.
What manifests for each individual as physical, due to their own thoughts and beliefs is likewise directly visible for each individual, as the physical state of the body, the state of health and attitude. It’s all interconnected. Everything is in relation to each other.

This indicates the importance of (both collectively and individually) the development of our consciousness, of our thoughts, our actions and the words we speak. Here is a basis for any change and healing.
If we understand this principle, we have the key to where to start if we want to solve the crisis as a ‘problem’. Change or healing conscious according to this principle can be applied everywhere and always works.
This being said, brings us to the question where can we apply this? Where do we start?

Self-initiation and self-organization

Another principle is that of self-organizing systems. In Wikipedia this concept of self-organization is described as following;

Self-organization is the process by which structures arise spontaneously in a chaotic system. Within each chaotic system where a force is brought into, for example radiation of light or sound, a self-organization arises in a smaller or larger extent. These structures can become increasingly complex in its form. The emergence of structures on quantum, atomic-and molecular level is made possible by the action of natural law … – and many of the self-organization in nature is related to the harmonic sequence and golden ratio.

Self-organization is that which we see in the big picture of things and the things that are happening around us. Life itself is self-organizing, our society is a self-organizing system, at least that is how it is supposed to be, the economy and a company are examples of self-organizing systems.

Life is perfect. Everything that happens is manifested in a way that is self-organizing. The way in which this happens is in itself perfectly organizing. It goes just as the way it is, exactly as it has been created.
The self-organizing nature of things is meant to be, only what happens in this way does not always need to be. Where it is created we know, namely in our consciousness. We may not always like the result of that which has manifested, but it happens because we have created it exactly so.
If we want to change it rest us nothing else than to take responsibility for the cause of it, the way in which things are evolving and to make other choices.
The way in which every evolution takes place, such as the way in which our society is evolving, is self-organizing and the transition that is taking place now is self-initiated and self-organized. This is as it is meant to be and there is a power or light that makes this self-initiation to take place.

The only thing we need to do is give self-organizing systems the opportunity to organize themselves. That may sound logically, however many of the systems, that we as humanity have created, are not.

Evolutionary and contra-evolutionary systems

A self-organizing system is an evolutionary system and is a movement in a upward direction.
We all know examples of the past in which parts of humanity wanted to have control over our evolution and this urge for power and control is still present in the world.
These influences and misuse of power and control make that evolutionary becomes contra-evolutionary. As a movement against – the actual evolution – and causes a reverse version of reality to occur. With an energy that flows in the same opposite direction.
This reversed version of reality, or reversed perception as you can call it, has been ingrained over the centuries in such manner that this is considered – by many – to be normal or as something “that is just as it is”. Things are proposed much more differently than most people usually see. How could it be otherwise, as most of the institutions in this world, whether it is a public institute or private, the institutions of science, religion, education or media, originate from this contra-evolutionary system.

This reversed version of reality has created – and are in fact the paradigms of which we now want to free ourselves from. Also what we are becoming aware of now, about what these power influences and those counter-evolutionary systems are, is only the tip of an iceberg.
For example, our entire monetary system is contra-evolutionary and we are just starting to realize the full impact of this system on our world.

Contra-evolutionary systems are moving downwards and are destructive. Creating a backward reality. People who are unaware of this, and fully go along with the system are soon to be a slave from the system. Exactly THIS is the system of survival of the fittest.
Those who have managed to free themselves, know how to break free from the system and can live their lives independently, may count themselves as blessed.

Transforming the paradigms is needed to restore the evolution and this can be done by creating new initiatives, that have the potential for other initiatives to come into existence. Which will be an example to others that things can be different, based on new paradigms.
Just when we realize this and move ahead in order to solve this for ourselves, there will be an acceleration in our evolution.

Perceptions of the new world

If we want to create a world free of the negative elements of the ‘old system’, there is only one option and that is to create new initiatives only fróm the new paradigm or vision. No updates of the old. Continue to follow a track and to keep on building on a system which has been proven to fail in many ways, is not an option.
This means that we – in no way – will go any further making only marginal adjustments and continuing with that in our daily business. This is just unacceptable, given the great challenges we face, for example, when it comes to our environment. Then we will not be able to manage it.
What the crisis and all environmental issues and energy issues concerns, it seems this notion has not completely penetrated. But actually this counts for the whole social system and so something else is requested. This question is addressed to everyone. What are you going to do about it? It is everyone’s responsibility, which it already was. By that which you can contribute, from that which you really are and with all your qualities, is exactly what is needed in this world! Necessary for this whole new development and movement to arise. It’s as simple as that really. Your unique contribution, in whatever form, is necessary and even essential to this transition.
This touches the core of the EarthMission thought and also the purpose for which Earth Mission was founded.

All the problems in the world are in the core referable to a denial of yourself – and life itself.
Your uniqueness, your unique qualities, talents, gifts, that is yourself. By bringing these into the world, there will be attention for it and there will be an adjustment that takes place in the world in a self-organized manner, regardless of the system that is there.

The crisis, the result of a denial

The crisis is the result of this denial, either the result of the faith in existing paradigms.

Another conciousness is of the new world. The difference is only to choose for this consciousness and just in everything. Statesmanship instead of politics, consciousness leadership instead of leadership-consciousness, maintaining power and control over yourself instead of wanting to have power and control over others, unconditional love instead of conditional love, unconditional help instead of conditional ‘help’, giving and receiving instead of giving and mainly taking, self-organization instead of market forces of supply and demand, abundance consciousness instead of scarcity, harmony rather than conflict, freedom of speech instead of giving free path to the ego, fulfillment of a mission instead of fulfillment of needs.

In order to realise this yourself it is necessary to let go of that which is unreal. Namely the belief in the paradigms that we have created and to create life as it is meant to be.
A reality which we see – the end of a crisis – when we have let go of old beliefs and the beginning of a new world.

© EarthMission

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