The movement is my movement!

The movement is my movement!

What is your mission?

How do you know this? Can you know this, or do you want to know? Is there a straight answer or is it what you make of life yourself?
You can travel the world and lose yourself completely. You can stay at home and find complete enlightment. Things in life happen for a reason. Everything in life is part of your mission. You are your mission!

When we think about our own mission that we all have in this life and go to work for it, it immediately touches the innermost core of our being. Life instantly becomes a life of tremendous depth. Why? Because this is our essence and somehow we want to stay close to it. Any time of the day.

It takes years of personal growth to think entirely out of ’the system’ (and get into the onenessconsciousness). From supposedly proven scientific facts, dogmas of religion and societal thinking, which from the past have lingered in the consciousness of the masses. This means escaping from the mass consciousness and learning to think in the oneness principle or universal consciousness.

This also means that old concepts become irrelevant and, in fact, are. Those who learn to perceive this gain insight into what the current world can and will look like in the years to come. Everything is going to change.

Everything will change.

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