~ A mission of missions, a plan of plans. ~

The mission to oneness and onenessconsciousness is a mission back to the origins. Where we once came from.

The greater thought emanating from an even greater consciousness. The original consciousness.

The bigger part of the mission is that there is a joint mission in which everyone has a part, participates and is part. The Divine Plan.

The movement is ultimately made up of people who have all come on the Divine Plan, in oneness with themselves, in onenessconsciousness, and have begun their mission. For through the conscious connection of people who are engaged in the Divine Plan with what they came for, there is a momentum that will change the world.

The momentum that comes when people come together with the same mission and who are all in the momentum, brings the awareness that ignites other people and also makes them see that things are going to come together and lead to oneness. A greater unification, greater momentum, greater movement, and the fulfillment of a greater mission!

That is why people who know each other and who happen to have the same ideas can start doing things differently than they did before.

Coincidence does not exist in momentum and therefore everything is intended and entirely according to Divine Plan. The greater mission is entirely according to Divine Plan and everything far from it will therefore change.

Every transformation that takes place on Earth and in the world will be game-changing once the momentum is achieved because people then automatically understand that the momentum is what makes it happen. It can hardly be otherwise, because the entire social system is completely off plan.

A greater mission, then, is that which brings humanity together and leads us to a new destiny and makes much of the old world disappear. This is the mission to bring people exactly where they are on the Plan and thus where they can fulfill their role in this greater whole.

The right people, at the right time, in the right place, that’s what this is to generate momentum. A role in this is the most beautiful thing a person can do for himself and for the earth and humanity.

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