Science in a new dimension will operate by new laws!

13 ways in which science will transform and organize itself. A gamechanging transformation.

Science in a New dimension is non-managed
Science in a New dimension is non-employed.
Science in a New dimension is non-local.
Science in a New dimension is non-profit.
Science in a New dimension is non-owned.
Science in a New dimension is non-‘scientific’.
Science in a New dimension is non-institutional.

Science in a New dimension is organized by crowd (selforganized).
Science in a New dimension is lead by crowd (selfsteered).
Science in a New dimension is realized by crowd (selfrealized, selfstarted).
Science in a New dimension is sourced by crowd (self-learned).
Science in a New dimension is funded by crowd (self-financed).

Science in a New dimension is interconnected.

This is the game changing. Science becomes science!


Science and knowledge

Focus/Essence: The key to new and ground-breaking technologies can be found on the level of consciousness.
New technology development goes parallel with consciousness development. Solutions in the form of breakthrough technology can only be found by reaching a certain level of consciousness.
We can only find certain answers as we are going to watch things from the full perspective of things. In other words to have a comprehensive understanding of things it is necessary to develop a comprehensive understanding, instead of confining itself to one particular discipline or problem area in order to find answers for the whole.
Science on basis of knowing.

Aspects to transform within: Arrogance, prejudice, ‘knowledge is power’, “if it’s not scientifically proven, it doesn’t exist”.

Issues to solve in the world:
Modern science is ’the science’ and everything else is alternative. Who decides what is alternative? Lobby for what is, or not to be accepted as the standard within science. Power influences, lobby, from the Scientific Institute on State and public opinion, similar to that of the church before the Inquisition.
Issues in the field of public health, food safety, compulsory vaccination.

Goal: Achieving breakthroughs in science by solving own paradigms. Development of new advanced technology, for example in the field of energy, nutrition, health, earth-recovery, advanced materials, light technology, being applied in the world.

Social scientific choices:
1 Making of conscious political choices to recognize certain society transformative technological breakthroughs in energy, food and medicine as the default and to give openness to the public.
2 Scientific Institute as open knowledge Institute. Sharing knowledge with other institutes and public. Make knowledge accessible to the public. Public consultation in resolving scientific issues.
3 Applying original medicine within the institutes of care and hospitals and fee for this, to make these available on a large scale.
4 Equivalence of modern medicine with original healing methods.
5 Integration of knowledge and science ‘ to one concept for all.
6 Acceptance of the fact that healing takes place on level of consciousness.
Ethics comes first.
7 Opt for reduction of regulation and encouraging new initiatives.

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