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EarthMission is a grassroots movement with a mission!

Our prominent goal is to bring forth the message to inspire and connect people as it comes to our collective mission that we all have for this planet; to reach a next level of consciousness and to lead our world into another dimension and with a new paradigm.

Consciousness development is our main focus. Growing conscious of our missions in life and the mission for our planet, Earth. EarthMission is all about the fulfilment of a ‘mission’. A mission for this planet ánd the role we each play in this, with the fulfilment of our own personal life mission.

The purpose and mission of EarthMission is to help people in doing just that for which they have come. EarthMission has one mission: to help people to reach a next level of themselves and their fulfillment of a new paradigm.

~ Everything in your life is part of your mission.~

We have come to Earth for a reason. We have come here with a goal, our own mission, which is unique for each one of us and so for you. When you realise what your soul wants for you here on Earth, everything will come into acceleration to achieve your mission, as by itself. This is the highest activation you will experience.
Only to discover this and to live it, in this life, is that which is changing now. To discover this in your life now is what makes your mission an important mission. The only thing you need to learn is to see who you really are in truth, and that is what life is for – and to live your live as was meant to be from the beginning.
From the moment you have come here, your Earth Mission has started and everything in life is part of this mission. Choices you have already made. Is that what you are doing now?

How you fulfill this mission is completely up to you. One thing is certain, it is only you who knows – and it is only you who is able to fulfil this in your own unique way.

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