Mission and Vision


We all grow through life on Earth to higher levels of consciousness, higher levels of existence and in our own multi-dimensionality. We grow to higher levels of ourselves until we have fully returned to our own origin.

Each person is not only unique with all the experiences, talents and gifts, but also in the way in which one gives expression of him/herself, passes on, solve things in life and contributes to this world and in the larger scheme.
All is light and everything is consciousness. We all live within – and are part of – one light. The development of our individual consciousness affects the consciousness of humanity as a whole and as such has influence in the world.

One part everyone can contribute on Earth is to solve once own issues and beyond that, rise above him/herself in one’s own development. From there, being an example of his/her own life and leadership.
That is the moment one has acquired leadership in the world. Being the light in this world by the grace of consciousness that has been developed. This awareness reaches across all borders in this world.

It is now up to us, to claim leadership and help to transform this world. Each in its own unique way and in his/her own environment.

Earth Mission

The purpose and mission of EarthMission is to help people in doing that, for which they have come.
EarthMission has one mission: to help people to reach a next level of consciousness, a different frequency of light and oneness-consciousness, a new dimension and paradigm.

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