Insights into one essential transformation.

A phenomenon happens and this is not a theory but an everyday reality. The old world, the past is fading away. The old energies are also certainly slowly disappearing with it and are no longer able to influence humanity. The old normal disappears without a new one to replace it, however,some do not want to … Read more

Initiating a Game-changing Transformation.

If there is one thing that changes everything, it is the consciousness of exactly that one thing. Awareness is that which changes everything, and it starts with yourself, and so does the transformation. Being the right person in the right place at the right time saying just a single word can be enough. Being aware … Read more

Onenessconsciousness, back in the Eternal Here and Now.

Born on this Earth with a memory of onenessconsciousness one has arrived in a reality of duality. While the here-and-now is eternal, this reality in no occasion is. The reality of duality is that people are often removed from the here and now and thus from their original power. Residing in the eternal moment may … Read more

There is only one Earth and her Transition into the Light

If the light is already here, because everything is light, then all knowledge is present here on Earth, in the geometry of everything around us and in our DNA. True science then deals with that which connects everything and that which holds all physical existence together. Rather than the outward physical appearances, it may make … Read more

A New World Relationship through Onenessonsciousness.

If there is one force that holds the world and people together, it is the strength that stems from unity, integration and balance. Maybe now more than ever, when conflicts no longer seem to arise on a regional level but on a global level. It is the same force that gave us prosperity and growth … Read more

The fulfilment of the shared mission becomes one big event

We all have a mission in life and, above all, a shared mission. A joint mission in which we, in addition to personal issues, also go further and take greater responsibility in the world and especially for the planet on which we live. Not only do we grow on a personal level, but we grow … Read more

Initiate a game-changing transformation

Initiate a game-changing transformation; in entrepreneurship, education, science, media, leadership, culture, social organisation, and every institution associated with it. On the one hand it means finding and working on key solutions to current issues, on the other hand it means the innovation of key solutions. There is a need to let go of the old … Read more

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