A New World Relationship through Onenessonsciousness.

If there is one force that holds the world and people together, it is the strength that stems from unity, integration and balance. Maybe now more than ever, when conflicts no longer seem to arise on a regional level but on a global level. It is the same force that gave us prosperity and growth by combining energies, economies and values in different parts of the world. Just like we ourselves are the cause of the scaling up our activities, so will the errors in the system appear on the global scene. Furthermore, effects of the transition are occurring at a growing pace, and as a result of self-regulating.

This causes certain groups in society to feel potentially threatened or displaced in their own environment, while the actual threat or displacement is caused by their own lack of will to integrate new ideas, beliefs and to find a balance within them alongside their values, for as far as they still have them. This is possibly caused by ‘the system’ itself.

No one said that integrating and finding a new balance would be easy. If we as a society can find this balance, oneness integrated in our thinking and in our teaching, for example, then we have learned that this is the path to follow. Unlike conflicts; if one wants to find balance through conflict then – “so be it”. Only then people will fail to understand the real lesson to be learnt as a humanity, and thus this imbalance and conflict will continue to exist. We can change this. One can also see the conflict as a signal that there is an imbalance in the world, which we already knew there was. So which path does one want to choose?

To remain in oneness seems to be the great challenge of our time, in the face of current economic struggles. Staying in unity is the growing force that has brought us a lot! It is the only force that brings momentum from the revolution that by now we all really want, despite the fact that certain individuals and groups try to disrupt this oneness, further integration and thus the renewed balance.

In this way, staying in oneness and expanding it while still preserving diversity is part of our joint mission, if not economically, then on a socio-cultural level, by integrating cultures, ideas and values, whereby the focus should firstly be on one’s own transition. Other cultures may act as a mirror, also for ourselves, by showing us for example to what extent our own thinking has become rigid, not only as individuals but also as a people. How little self-reflection is there in general when it comes to the so-called differences between our cultures?

Reflection, integration, balance and oneness are the magic words in the relationship we have with our world. We all know the real cause of the so-called crisis and thus the imbalance and conflicts in the world. Staying out of the conflict is perhaps enough to make us realise that solutions lie in another area.

World relation

The new world relationship is the relationship to yourself. Like any relationship, your relationship to the world, is a relationship to yourself, while the relationship to yourself is the relationship to every living being or human being of whatever origin, race or culture. This way, every meeting is an opportunity, a chance to learn more about yourself and to get closer to yourself and your own mission.

Every event is an opportunity and part of one mission. Let’s take on that mission. Be part of it. The encounter becomes an encounter with yourself and everything in the world is a mirror.

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