There is only one Earth and her Transition into the Light

If the light is already here, because everything is light, then all knowledge is present here on Earth, in the geometry of everything around us and in our DNA. True science then deals with that which connects everything and that which holds all physical existence together. Rather than the outward physical appearances, it may make more sense to discover this underlying science.

The direction humanity wants to take, the place every religion originates from because of that one spark of light, and that what science is looking for, the so-called “God particle”, is light. The theory of everything, as well as finding that one particle that is the key to knowledge about everything, is the one science, the moment one that all sciences come together, the moment when one understands the whole.

The largest part is like the smallest and smallest part is like the largest. It is where the smallest possible visible physical part of material existence comes closest to the invisible part of creation that holds everything and where science and religion come together. At that point our physical existence passes into the non-physical, consciousness (light).

Although everything is light, it does not mean that all light (or consciousness) has found its physical reality on earth. Creation, all forms of animals and plants, is light manifested in physical reality. If there is an evolution, it is the evolution in which the non-physical particle of all possibilities, has manifest itself all the way up to the diversity of plants and animals we know on Earth. Should there be a coincidence in the development of new forms of plants and animals in the history of the Earth, then it is namely this arbitrariness, only this moment where this non-physical reality (or perhaps the only reality) has become physical reality. The moment when the “superconscious” has found germ in the earth of physical existence, allowing the superconscious to become visible with physical eyes.

The underlying factor bringing every part of science together is light. The underlying factor where all religions meet is light. All sciences merge in one light. All religions come together in one light and also religion and science come together in one light.

There is only one Transition; the Transition into the Light.

Although everything here on Earth, including the Earth itself, is light, this does not mean that everything that humanity has created is of the light. On the contrary, humanity has created a lot of darkness for itself, from a consciousness which still has a way to go. Humanity’s transition TO the light.

If there has been one evolution, it has been the development of the awareness. Everything we, as a humanity, are currently going through in accelerated pace is what we’ve already experienced throughout history. That events are now accelerating, manifesting themselves simultaneously and on a global scale, is perhaps because we have consciousness enabling us to accelerate our learning. Everything comes to light eventually, but lessons only come when consciousness is ready to understand them and take the next leap in the evolution of humanity.

Light comes when the lesson is learned, one frees oneself from the self-created darkness and one realizes that the light was already there but that now a movement towards it has been made.

This movement is the real movement, the transition of yourself within the transition into the light. This in the realization that you are not the only one, but part of a whole and part of the global transition, namely the transition into the light.

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