The Transition to OnenessConsciousness I – The New World is Here and is Part of You.

The consciousness of the new world is OnenessConsciousness, and the new world is here and unfolding. Events follow each other and show what there is to learn, namely the different aspects of OnenessConsciousness that manifests themselves further and further on this planet. Transition, what some call a crisis, is the new world organising itself, and it appears that humanity will not get a chance to go back to “normal” life. Before one “crisis” is over, the next one is already presenting itself. Many see and experience the lessons that are revealed and rightly question what we can learn from all these events. What are we learning?

In the history of humanity, there have been periods when there were crucial choices to be made. Events presented themselves in what is now history that has repeated itself over and over again. However, different events, each time with the same lessons. This was “normal” life! Learning through lessons that repeated itself. In short, learning through conflict rather than learning through surrender. Eventually, everyone will learn what surrendering means. There will be no new normal; the new world is of a different order!

We can start by looking at things differently. Turn everything in the world upside down, and you will come closer to the truth. For this world has shifted beyond itself, backwards and counter-evolutionary. This reversal only creates resistance, crisis and conflict – and lessons continue to emerge as a logical consequence of this. Moreover, there is a blindness in this consciousness to what is happening and, worse perhaps, an unwillingness to escape. This, against all possible help and attempts to achieve change. A world that is polarised with beliefs and views aimed at keeping the old world intact or even plunging the world back into the Middle Ages.

The movement to be made is a movement that comes from the consciousness that we are interconnected and not through social media or the internet, but the interconnection of that which binds us all. That movement is your movement and the mutual connection, in the first place, is the connection with yourself! Interesting that it always starts there! Learning OnenessConsciousness by being one with yourself.

OnenessConsciousness, the consciousness that you are part of the whole and the whole is part of you, is here-and-now and is part of you.

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