A Mission towards Abundance

Every now and then people are struggling with the idea to live in two worlds. On one side continuing the chosen path into a new world, but still having to deal with an old world where there are no alternatives as it comes to certain matters.
There is a lot in development and there is a lot of talk about how to work and to live “off-the-grid”. The reality may well be that society itself is off-grid and we, the ones that are aware of this, maybe are living “in-the-grid”. However, it is not about waiting for the rest of the world to be ready, it is up to us to extend this new life and eventually there will be a turning point. We know this by now.

Blood is thicker than water and the flow of money – and energy – which now might be flowing in reversed direction, will eventually follow it’s right course. We must persevere and as I feel it, it is less heavy in the knowledge that something beautiful is within reach. The road has been taken and the transition happens on such a large scale that a way back is almost impossible.

The creation of abundance

To begin this, let’s start to use the word abundance more often. This in a world where one is almost forgotten, hardly even know, what the word truly contains and means. We simply forgot, because we live in a world in which scarcity is created and where it has become the norm and the consciousness. This is where it starts.
Is the concept of abundance being accepted as the norm in this society? Is it not scientific enough, not academic enough, commercial enough?

There is a new concept – value creation – which sounds nice, but what does it mean? Everything that has value, we do not need to create. We just need to value things that are of value! The creation has value and maybe we do want abundance but we find it uncomfortable to just use this term and we create words that do come close, but hardly cover the load. Abundance is all-encompassing. Abundance is unconditional. It fully explains the essence and back to the essence is what we want, do we? So creating abundance.

People are keeping circling around the essence as if this would not be socially accepted and that’s partly true, only we are the ones to make it accepted just by speaking about it. As if it is the most natural thing in the world. Which it is actually.
Let’s just use the word abundance in this world, as much and as often as possible!

The mission and the will

If you are ready for it you are the one that can make things work. Everything you want.
Many people are ready, but have a difficult time in all confrontations with the ancient world. Or unconsciously are derived from their mission by matters that have little to do with their actual mission.

It is an interesting and at the same time seemingly complicated topic, your own mission. You can be anything you want. Only, do we really know what we want – and is that really what we want? Is this really your own will?
To know what this will is, is the key to your own mission.

Finding your mission and the fulfillment of it is a new phase of awareness. Which is one of this time. Taking the responsibility is a step that already has been taken, for “you being the change in the world”. A next step is perhaps the recognition that you are, somewhere, very much needed and becoming aware of where that is. There, to do things in which only you very good at. A next step maybe is the one to a larger extent in that which you already do, or are good at. Making work from that which you are good at, finding ways where and how to apply it. Creating your own environment and discover that there might be many more opportunities to develop yourself.
Start there with that which you would like to do from the depth of your soul. An initiative is the starting point. An initiative of something that is an extension of yourself.
See your initiative as a step towards solutions and transformation. Where others come along with the transformation and with the unique help from others it is that these projects can be manifested.
The success is that the right people find the right place. The success is that people grow in the work they do. Success is that projects are going to be a ‘system’, a condition in which a foundation is laid for abundance. No results, but the creation of a new way.

The way to a new economy is like a river into a new world. This requires certain barriers to get out of the way. The river does that without help. It happens over time.
So what is meant is that people do more of that which they “came for” and then things will fall in it’s place and this whole new world becomes reality.
We are here to take in our place – to be our own ‘function’ and our own solution. This is how abundance is created.

Everything is going to change.

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