Your own unique Code and Mission

You are unique as a Soul, unique as a blueprint, unique as light, unique in consciousness, unique in talents and qualities, unique in code and in mission. We are part of the whole and yet we have all aspects of the whole in us. We are part of the whole and we are meant to … Read more

2012 – Back to the Essence

When one knows the essence, one knows the whole. However, being able to oversee the whole is something else entirely. The current events are difficult to oversee. Only if one knows the essence, will it be clear why things happen the way they happen. Events do not stand alone and are not incidental events. … Read more

2012 – And our Earth Mission

The year 2012 has begun and with it ‘the end of times’, announced centuries ago. A message and a prophecy that now seems to be coming true. The problems we now know were predicted centuries ago… war, corruption and moral decay. There has been much speculation about what would happen in 2012. The ancient Maya … Read more

Participate in your Earth Mission

Each person can change the world in the blink of an eye, even without being conscious of it. In short, this mainly happens by way of being yourself and what derives from that through your unique way, which is unique to this world. It is everything inside you to be fulfilled, and it is up … Read more

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