The Transition to OnenessConsciousness III – The Transition that Unites All into One.

Wherever humanity has lived in duality and nations have been divided, there has always been a reason for these divisions. Although there seemed to be little progression through the ages, at certain decisive moments in its existence, humanity has faced great challenges caused by a change in consciousness. It was the awareness that also brought the solutions.

Such as new choices that have led to more unity. Such as northern and southern states uniting on one continent, for example, as well as countries, kingdoms, republics and “different” cultures on another continent. Oneness emerged as a memory of a distant past of OnenessConsciousness. Today, new signs of this OnenessConsciousness are beginning to emerge, of what may be the largest and final step of this unification. The total unification of the West with the East, the Northern and Southern continents, races, cultures and religions.

Of course, there are also (partly the same) challenges now. Although they now manifest themselves on an even larger scale and in succession, they remain more or less the same challenges, of which humanity already more or less knows the solutions. Again, it is the new consciousness that brings the solutions. A new consciousness that may lead humanity to unite the best of all worlds into one. Although some may think that the world is more divided than ever before, humanity has never been more ready than now to take this new step. One small step for one human, one giant step for humanity.

Humanity will also realise at some point that it is no longer just about technology and world trade but about what has brought us this far, namely awareness of what it is all about. Besides, there is no technology that is really going to change the world. Technology is a more sophisticated way of doing the same as what we already do. Real progress is actually postponed because people do not want to enter for fear of what they will find inside. Consciousness changes the world. That is where the innovations lie. That is where technology comes in first.

The theory of everything as envisaged by Albert Einstein was not a technology but a precursor of consciousness. The OnenessConsciousness with one science, namely that we are one with everything and everything is one with us. To get there, we are going through an enormous transition, but we use technology that is actually not necessary for that. To get there, we need a transformation from within. Learning how to be Yourself and breaking the ties with the past and that which no longer serves us. That is the nature of transition and the nature of the new world.

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