Onenessconsciousness, back in the Eternal Here and Now.

Born on this Earth with a memory of onenessconsciousness one has arrived in a reality of duality. While the here-and-now is eternal, this reality in no occasion is. The reality of duality is that people are often removed from the here and now and thus from their original power.

Residing in the eternal moment may be the most difficult thing there is, certainly in this world, but once one has found the key to access it is quite a simple thing. The key is not a secret. The key is to resolve the paradigm on everyone’s own personal level and to accept responsibility for it. The personal paradigm is complex enough and there is no one who can solve it except you.

Onenessconsciousness is already there in the world, although still many are unaware of it. Some already know it, only are not aware of it, for others it is one living reality, consciously chosen back into the here-and-now, the original reality. The original reality, free from duality. Once this path has been chosen, there is no turning back and this chosen path has now been started. The eternal part is the eternal part in ourselves, which is the eternal light. The eternal light only is one light and one universal consciousness, namely onenessconsciousness.

Decisions made from this consciousness can only lead to greater oneness. Decisions made from this light, only to a greater light. Moreover, the power emanating from this consciousness and this light is regularly underestimated. There is no greater power than this. Once in the perspective of the eternal here-and-now, there is the realization that it is the individual transition that has brought us into this consciousness and into this power. The forces of duality are out of proportion to those of the new consciousness. It has been said before, nothing will be as it was and the mission as it is intended for this Earth will manifest itself. All the more because more and more people are realizing which path we are on and which effect the collective consciousness, light and power has.

Once in this ‘eternal momentum’, every timing is perfect. Once in the here-and-now, there is no need to create anything as man thinks to create. Then, man has probably learned that creating is nothing more than just to let go of the old paradigms and with that the old world and to let the oneness consciousness solve the created problems in the world. Probably then we have learned that creating is just to live the real life. Nothing will escape this light, as everything comes to light here-and-now. Every change then is created from within, according to the law ‘As within, so without’.

The light that emanates from this consciousness is the light that has always been there and therefore is eternal. Only man has placed himself into this light, with this consciousness. Once at one with the light – the memory, the past and the future are disappeared. Then there only is one light and one conscious BEING, in the eternal here and now, in onenessconsciousness.

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