The fulfilment of the shared mission becomes one big event

We all have a mission in life and, above all, a shared mission. A joint mission in which we, in addition to personal issues, also go further and take greater responsibility in the world and especially for the planet on which we live.

Not only do we grow on a personal level, but we grow as humanity and when we solve the issues that currently need to be solved in the world. The fulfilment of this shared mission ultimately becomes one big event. In which everyone contributes.

New Dimension, New Laws

Paradigms change and, with it, our society. The game is changing. This is not a goal or mission of EarthMission itself; this is what is to come because it is what we, in part, have already set in motion. Things around us change. What happens is the following. What is actually happening is that which is already real – is becoming real and is becoming visible, and that which is unreal is falling away.

New initiatives arise, which receive support from the masses, and these initiatives arise from and according to these ‘new’ laws. Everything will be self-initiated, self-activated, and self-organised this way and will become non-local, non-profit, non-institutional, and based on non-ownership. That, of course, has consequences. EarthMission was founded for the awareness and realisation of this.

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