Insights into one essential transformation.

A phenomenon happens and this is not a theory but an everyday reality. The old world, the past is fading away. The old energies are also certainly slowly disappearing with it and are no longer able to influence humanity.

The old normal disappears without a new one to replace it, however,
some do not want to face the miscreation and in every event, they have only one wish, which is to return to the old normal. In addition, blaming others for taking responsibility and their own world has changed as a result.
In a reality of continuous change, ‘transition’, there can be no normal, nor can there be a new normal. This is possibly the only lesson that there is to learn at the moment. As there is no more history that repeats and repeats itself until humanity learns something. That time is over.

The ‘great letting go’

The lesson is to let everything from the past go and see that there is only one reality, namely, the transition, a game-changing transformation in which everything has changed, and everything comes to light while a new world emerges. Nothing will be as it once was.

What happens when a person individually lets go of something?
His or her personal reality changes as if by magic. Once let go, only the memory remains, though the past disappears as if it never existed. What happens if more and more people follow suit? The true reality emerges in ourselves and our world. Our world will come into a higher vibration and unity. The great letting go can, is allowed and will happen.

The generations that disappear, partly take that history with them.
The new generations do not need to learn all the same lessons from the past. New generations take a new consciousness with them, the learning is already in their system. Although, they don’t have to close their eyes either. There is still an Earth we live on and there is still a mission! ‘that there was something to learn’ brings clarity and will make one realize why the transformation was so essential – and realize what this mission is. An Earth mission!

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