Initiating a Game-changing Transformation.

If there is one thing that changes everything, it is the consciousness of exactly that one thing. Awareness is that which changes everything, and it starts with yourself, and so does the transformation. Being the right person in the right place at the right time saying just a single word can be enough. Being aware of that is where it starts. Just being aware of this is enough to ultimately be the right person. Manifestation follows the attention.

Life originates in a single thought, and that thought wants to be manifested. Transforming thoughts are not actually thoughts being transformed. They are only thoughts arising from a transformed consciousness and therefore have a significant impact on a world like ours. They are thoughts with creative power from a person who is closer to his origin and lives his/her life as life is meant to be lived, in a world where people have often forgotten how to do that. The light and consciousness of this origin are present in everyone, and with it, the potential to change the world forever in a completely unique way. The correct action is to allow life as it was intended, to proceed at the moment intended. We do not choose these moments; they present themselves and will continue to present themselves until new life has found its way.

Transformation brings light.

Transformation, back to the origin, brings light. It is this light that makes others follow. That is the power of this light and its new consciousness. The transformation is not only for yourself but for everyone. Thus the transformation is a game-changing transformation. Light knows no time and no place. The new light is instantly everywhere and therefore has a significant impact. The light IS simply there.

One person can hold the key to the solution to one of the world’s greatest challenges or in the manifestation of a game-changing transformation. Transformation comes from a transformed consciousness. As said before, moments present themselves for the new life to take place and present themselves for everyone. It is the choice to let true life find its way. It is the choice to go back to your origin. A choice that changes everything, individually or collectively.

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