2012 – Back to the Essence

When one knows the essence, one knows the whole. However, being able to oversee the whole is something else entirely. The current events are difficult to oversee. Only if one knows the essence, will it be clear why things happen the way they happen.

Events do not stand alone and are not incidental events. The outer appearance is the consequence of the inside. On the inner level, something has preceded the outer. Something we are aware of, only less aware that it has external consequences. It is related to the decisions we make. To each their own, the decisions we make at any given moment in our lives, in any given situation.

When we look at ourselves, we come back to our essence if we are able to let go. Letting go of the past and thereby healing ourselves, now. By doing things differently now, we heal the past. Letting go allows us to find the strength and the light within ourselves and to be completely in the moment. That is already enough to change the world. That way we are able to see ourselves, others and the world as they really are. The Essence ís our essence and that is what we learn to see.

What we see in ourselves, we also see in the world, like a big projection screen, filled with our own projections. That is what we have created with events that are about us. Major events are a collection of all kinds of smaller events and each of has a stake in this or can atleast deliver a contribution to this, however small it may be.

We create by making choices, choices from possibilities to happen. Logically, we can create a different world by making different choices. What we learn here on Earth is to make these choices, and past events resolve themselves through the choices we make now! When we collectively let go of the old structures, patterns and habits that no longer serve us, a world opens up to create abundance, freedom and everything we desire. Every choice counts in that sense, and every choice is a choice you make for yourself, the earth, the entire universe and all living beings. Every choice is a choice you make for the whole universe.

The mission that each one has can be seen on this level of Being. Growing in life back towards yourself has a huge effect on the total consciousness, simply because we are part of it. Part of the whole and all that is. Herein lies true leadership in the world and beyond. It is important in this day and age to continue to focus on what really matters, namely the essence of the things that happen. The choices we make will be the right ones as long as we continue to focus on this essence. This often comes down to having the clarity to see the essence and decide from there.

When we look through the events that happen on this Earth, we then see what is happening and that a transformation is underway. Some of what is going to happen has been going on for years. Human development is accelerating. Healing takes place, and everything eventually comes to light. What is to come is what we will bring ourselves. Here’s what to expect in 2012 and beyond! People are waking up, taking action, and becoming aware of the time in which they live. Aware of themselves, the Earth, and our missions! All the information we need is available to us and in the depths of our very being as the knowledge we need to accomplish this mission, and we know when it will happen. When one awakens, and as one develops oneself, this knowledge will surface, and things will become clear.

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