2012 – And our Earth Mission

The year 2012 has begun and with it ‘the end of times’, announced centuries ago. A message and a prophecy that now seems to be coming true. The problems we now know were predicted centuries ago… war, corruption and moral decay. There has been much speculation about what would happen in 2012. The ancient Maya have spoken about it, and the major religions speak of rebirth. Most predictions from that period seem to be correct. How we interpret these predictions and look at the world and current events is a matter of perspective.

We may interpret ‘the end of times’ as the end of times as we have known them. The end of the world? Perhaps the end of the world as we know it. If a prophecy was made in the distant past about the magnitude of the challenges in the years to come and the significance of everything happening now, including specific dates, then what was it that they knew then?

They already had the answers to the questions we have now. Maybe that says something about the science they used. Science in the truest sense of the word. From a source of information that could explain why all this is happening.

Everything is already there, and everything potentially exists in the field of possibilities. It is up to us, humanity, to decide what will happen. It’s up to humanity to make the right choices now, making that a possibility; that, what we want to make come true. How real is the world we live in now? We can learn from this moment, and if we do this, we will achieve a higher spiral of consciousness, light and existence. We are accelerating our evolution and what there is to know as we learn at increasingly higher levels. We as humanity are reaching consciousness and the point in Earth’s evolution where we perceive ourselves and become aware of our own actions. A point where past, present and future are one. We are reaching the consciousness in which the prophets back then had made the predictions of today.

We are living in the most interesting times. A bigger plan may now be more visible than ever! This is arguably the most significant era in human history. As far as we can speak of “time”. A very significant point in the evolution of humanity, the evolution of the Earth and the evolution of our consciousness. We are approaching and reaching a tipping point, a point of remembrance of our very essence, our OnenessConsciousness or Universal consciousness.

That is our goal and our mission! Finding yourself, in oneness with everything, the holy grail, your own unique code and the fulfilment of your earthly mission. This is the creation in which we are co-creators and determine the evolution of humanity in one common mission.

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