Your own unique Code and Mission

You are unique as a Soul, unique as a blueprint, unique as light, unique in consciousness, unique in talents and qualities, unique in code and in mission.

We are part of the whole and yet we have all aspects of the whole in us. We are part of the whole and we are meant to take on a part of all there is to learn, here on this earth. And that particular part concerns ourselves.

To learn all the lessons OF life, in just one lifetime is impossible. However, learning all lessons that can be learnt IN life is not. And that is what the purpose of life is. For that which comes to us is there for us to learn. As part of our earthly mission.

Everything we learn has a profound effect on each of us and not only sets us free from what remains to be learned, but it also brings the same light and wisdom to each of us through our interconnectedness. What you learn for yourself, you learn for the whole universe. And through it you are the centre of your own universe. Until we become a greater magnitude of ourselves, bodies of light, and we finally form a collective consciousness that we recognise as one: onenessconsciousness.

The moment is now, and it is a unique opportunity for you to seize. Everything in your life points in that direction. Things that have happened were there to help you learn and see which path to follow, who or what you are, and to see that you can achieve anything you want by following this path. Live your own life and your own mission. Only your own mission!

Live life by consciously following where you are led. That means learning that which is necessary. This is the purpose of life and your mission is to find yourself within it. That goal becomes more clear to you as you are following this path. Answers to the questions you had or still have will come.

It will become clearer, that what is to be learnt now, relates to past events. Further and further past, they might and even relate to events that we can no longer remember, but that are still present in our subconsciousness, in order to be resolved. Not necessarily with the people involved in the matter, but in similar situations. This is why events keep repeating themselves until they are resolved. Resolved in your own consciousness of course. Repeating events can stop and they can stop with you, provided you make conscious choices. It is up to you to make these choices, which may be the most important choices in your life and in the lives of many others. They can have an enormous effect on the collective subconsciousness and consciousness. So much that things really do change. Make it stop with you, those wrong habits that are perceived as ‘normal’ in the collective consciousness. Every choice you make and step you take while doing so, is for all humanity and the entire universe. Take charge and make your own choice.

Everything eventually becomes clearer as you ‘resolve’ events, as these shed light on underlying causes, habits, beliefs, motivations and patterns. This eventually – literally – brings light and the clarity to see that there are only ‘solutions’ and answers, and that we actually learn to see ourselves and our fellow human beings as we really are, and that we learn to see life, and everything in it, as it really is.

Your unique code

This is what it takes to know, to get to your ‘code’. A code for solving your events. That activates you to start resolving events, to eventually become aware of what was necessary to learn in order to return to the consciousness that we know from our origin. That code stands for exactly that which only you are good at, and what you have to offer to the world.

This insight alone is enough to initiate a transformation within yourself and within your mission.

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