Leadership in a new dimension will operate by new laws.

13 ways in which leadership will transform and organize itself. A gamechanging transformation.

Leadership in a New dimension is non-political.
Leadership in a New dimension is non-bureaucratic.
Leadership in a New dimension is non-local.
Leadership in a New dimension is non-dualistic.
Leadership in a New dimension is non-owned.
Leadership in a New dimension is non-religious
Leadership in a New dimension is non-institutional.

Leadership in a New dimension is organized by crowd (selforganized).
Leadership in a New dimension is lead by crowd (selfsteered).
Leadership in a New dimension is realized by crowd (selfrealized, selfstarted).
Leadership in a New dimension is innovated by crowd (self-learned).
Leadership in a New dimension is funded by crowd (self-financed).

Leadership in a New dimension is interconnected.

This is the game changing. Leadership becomes leadership!


Government, Statesmanship, Leadership and Political Activism
(work area government, leadership roles in government, business and institutes)

Focus/Essence: Decision making in the service of the whole.
Seeing the true extent of that which the decisions are to be take over and to take it in the right moment. To achieve the momentum on which things really change and we are able achieve what we want.

This means making decisions that lead to self-activation, the activation of the individual person, group, people, country, continent – which leads to self-initiated growth.

Statesmanship, leadership, Leadership on basis of equality, unity. Service to the whole without giving up their own identity. Autonomous and part of the world at the same time.

Aspects to transform: Lower will, misuse of power and control over others.

Issues to solve in the world: Power politics, social classes, monopoly, protectionism, duality, polarization, politics-“left-right”.

Goal: Serving the whole, “one for all” and leading all to unity, integration, without giving up their own sovereignty or identity.

Social Political Choices:
1 Govern and leading on the basis of one’s own strength, rather than from each other’s opposites and (political) battle for position and influence. Separation from State and “business”, separation of State and “Science”, in the sense of prevention of conflict of interest with that institute. Interventions in the world in the form of aid programs and protection.

2 Stimulating and rewarding measures, rather than penalty. As for borders, draw them where they are supposed to be, namely in relation to corruption, human rights violations and abuse etc. Taking responsibility for the cause and taking measures to prevent this.

3 Discontinuation of trade barriers and protectionism of own trading, debt cancellation. Large parts of the world are refrained from participation in the world economy. Actual abundance we create by participation of the entire world population. How can we create this without this participation?
Keeping organizations responsible for their own pollution by to accountability compulsory measures.
Tax increase on products that are a toxic for humans (health), environment and society.
4 Promoting recovery programs for nature, environment and projects on social/cultural area, with as goal integration and harmony.

5 The all-deciding measures by a taking a supporting role in the development of society transforming technologies such as free energy.

6 To lead from ideology, vision and consciousness leadership.

7 The all-deciding measures to clear the way for society transforming developments and large-scale (International) aid and development projects, where international law, international interests are playing a role. Restrictions on regulation: decentralization and enabling support self-regulation self-organization. Open governance with regard to public finance, government spending, backgrounds, and the emergence of public policies.
Where is deprived from nature or environment, return again in other locations.

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