EARTHMISSION is a (grassroots) movement with a mission!

EARTHMISSION is a (grassroots) movement with a mission!

The name EarthMission stands for awareness when it comes to the fulfillment of “a mission”, for this Earth and the role that everyone has in this.

Founded in September 2011 and present on the web since the beginning of 2012, EarthMission is a platform and community of like-minded people, inventors, innovators, and also “dissenters”. The purpose and mission of EarthMission is to help people do what they came to do. Helping people to a next consciousness, namely oneness consciousness here on Earth and the fulfillment of a new paradigm.

The mission of EARTHMISSION is to bring people into the consciousness of their own mission and help them fulfill it according to the Heavenly Plan.


EARTHMISSIONMOVEMENT aims to provide people with ‘keys to a greater mission’ in the movement towards a major transition. The goal is to form a movement of people who want to make the movement towards the fulfillment of a common mission, which is also the greater thought of the mission, namely the mission for this world and earth. A joint mission in which everyone has a part, participates and is part. The Divine Plan.

The onenessconsciousness and the principle of oneness has all solutions in themselves. Crisis and its problems are intrinsically the result of the lack of this awareness in the world. Therefore, current challenges in the world and the crisis, which is not there, can be solved by simply applying the principle of oneness and letting it find a way.

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